Eviction Virgin Seeking Help with Unique Co-housing SFH Rental

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I am a landlord with a unique SFH rental in the SF bay area, I lease out (month to month) individual bedrooms and manage the property off site (I don't live there). All the utilities are in my name, I furnished the home and do all the maintenance.

I recently served one of the tenants with a 30 Notice to Terminate Tenancy (tenancy less than one year) though the nail and mail method. She occupies 2 of the 4 bedrooms and has a minor child. She didn't acknowledge the notice and it has been unopened, taped on her door for 10 days. She alluded to the other roommates that she intends to squat. I reached out to her to ask her how I can help her move on (aka pay her off so I can save myself from going through the eviction process)! She was unresponsive yet again. 

Today I went to the house and served her personally with a 3 day to Pay or Quit and a new 30 day Termination of Tenancy dated from today 12/02/2017. (I realized that my previous Notice was not proper because I didn't mail a copy after posting it to her door). She owes rent for December and has unpaid utilities. The reason I am terminating her tenancy is she is in violation of the lease agreement by failure to pay rent on time. She is more than 2 weeks late every month she has lived at the residence (also, she is an alcoholic and hostile with the other tenants, but that's not a legal reason to terminate tenancy). She was extremely hostile with me after service and it got to a point where I left the house, assured that she has proper notice this time. 

Several hours later she contacted me to pay rent... I gave her my account info and am waiting to see if she pays me.

If the payment goes through, the 30 day Termination still stands of course. 

If the payment doesn't go through, I can legally begin the eviction process by Thursday.





Thank you very much for any insight, suggestions, and relevant experience! Much gratitude to all of you on this BP community.

I would stop screwing around and let an eviction attorney or a skilled paralegal handle the eviction. Why are you paying for utilities? is it part of your lease  ? Do no have anymore contact with the tenant 

Hi @Steven Picker , thanks for your candid reply. The reason why the utilities are in my name is because I lease the bedrooms individually kind of like a "rooming house" and in effort to keep the lights on and the water running I keep the utilities in my name to protect the other tenants from potentially irresponsible tenants who may/could take people money for their share of the utilities and not pay the bills. 

Hi Sarah,

I  practice real estate law in Santa Rosa. There is a company that specializes in evictions that is much cheaper than hiring an attorney. They do it for a flat fee of a few hundred dollars. Unfortunately, I cant remember their names. Try googling "evictions santa rosa, ca" or " evictions sonoma county."  You'll find them, if you search around. Get that tenant out ASAP before she does extensive property damage.


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