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I recently bought a rental property (C class duplex) in Florida, and the property manager told me we have to cut the lawn weekly during summer and twice a month during winter, because grass grow fast in Florida.

That sounds excessive, is it common?

Can't tell you anything about Florida, but even here in drought-prone Kansas, we usually have to mow every two weeks in the summer. And that certainly doesn't keep things looking golf-course spiffy, just sorta one length. So maybe they're telling you the truth. Call around to some lawn-care places & see what package deals they offer - that may shed some light on the usual mowing frequency for your area. 

All depends on how much rain you get.

Being that it's a C class property I think 4 times a month is excessive regardless of how fast the grass grows.

Mohammed, your pm is correct! I have managed property for over 20 years, and you must now every week during the summer. If you don’t, you will have a jungle 

At least 3x a month in SW FL during the summer, and maybe once a month in Dec, Jan, and Feb.

You dont save any money by decreasing the frequency of the cuttings , If the grass is twice as tall as normal the landscape company charges you twice as much . 

Been here in Miami for 40 years. 

Every other week from May to November. Every three weeks during the rest of the year and youll be fine. 

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