Anybody know of a no monthly fee alarm system?

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Hey Everyone. Happy Holidays

I own a 3 family apartment building in a C+ neighborhood in St. Louis MO. Upon buying this property I noticed that all three units were hardwired with an alarm system. Only one works currently.

The alarm sounds but that's it. It's not hooked up to a monthly service, the police aren't notified or anything. This actually works. I'd love to market the property highlighting the alarm system without the additional cost (Of course, I'd let me tenants know it only sounds)

Problem is, I don't know where to go to get my other two apartment wired in the same way. I've heard I can sign up with a no contract system then just pay for installation......anybody ever went this route? Or have a better solution?

Just trying to make my property safer with as minimal cost as possible. Thanks in advance for the help!

@Colin Nelson - look to see if the installing company left their sticker on the alarm panel box. If so, call them. The installing company should have all the programming records and codes. They would be able to fix it for the least amount. If you can't find the installing company, go to the alarm manufacturer's website for dealers in your area. You want the systems to be repaired for a stand-alone system (meaning no central office). The new dealer might be able to bring system to default settings - not likely but maybe. Otherwise, dealer will need to replace motherboard, keypads/consoles and reprogram system. It may be less expensive to upgrade the motherboard and keypads/consoles and reuse hardwired peripherals. Here in NY stand-alone systems are very popular. Good luck.

Simplisafe is good. Also you can turn on and off the monitoring whenever you like without contract. So if the house is vacant and you want monitoring you can have it on. Then if tenants want it on they can pay for it or you can disconnect. 

@Carol C. Thanks! I'll definitely look into that and let you know how it goes! 

@Anish Tolia honestly, I strayed away from wireless systems assuming there would be functionality issues.  $14.99 isn't bad for a  monthly monitoring fee, though. Attaching that to the monthly rent wouldn't present a problem. I'll check Simplisafe out.  Is there anything with Simplisafe that sounds an alarm outside of the property? 

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