Frozen Pipes To Washing Machine

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We've had a long stretch of below freezing weather recently...  I have a rental that has frozen pipes leading to the washing machine that is located in the garage.  The garage itself is not heated, but the tenant has a space heater set up there.  They are complaining about not being able to use the washer due to the froze pipes.  The water to the house itself is working fine as of now.  How would you handle this situation?  It should be back above freezing later this week and my thought is they will just need to use a Laundromat for the time being.  I did not supply the washer and dryer to this unit.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

I'm in the exact same situation. The drain is frozen and my tenants are completely understanding about it and have been using the laundrymat in town. Unless you can get the drain unfrozen and keep it that way, using the laundrymat for a couple loads doesn't seem unreasonable to me. You could offer $20 off rent for the inconvenience. We're getting hit pretty hard with this stretch of cold weather.

There are a lot of different factors on how the supply lines are run but home depot sells an electric pipe wrap with a thermostat on it. I use these in my house where the supply lines are sitting on the old 100+ year foundation. Works well to get us through Jan/Feb subzero temps.