Fridge and W/D Upstairs. Should I provide them?

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I just signed my deposit on a duplex I'm having built on a lot that I already own. Making all the decisions now with my GC. Kitchen on the ground floor with engineered wood laminate floor. Laundry room is on the 2nd floor. Laundry room will have a washer pan with a drain to the outside with tile floors. 

Fridge: I'm planning on providing the fridge as I don't want some old ratty fridge dragged across my floors. 

Same logic on the washer/dryer? If I have them put in myself, I keep most dents and dings from occurring. I can make sure the right hoses are used, and that the connections are secure. 

But I'm looking at 2 fridges, 2 washers, 2 dryers in expense. 

What would you advise?

I do have one existing rental. I provided the fridge, tenants provide the W/D. I did have to fix a ding in the wall going upstairs. 

What does your competition do? Will adding $600-800 in appliances help you get higher rent that’ll pay back the cost in 1-2 years?

If they move in their own appliances and ding the walls, unfortunately that’s on them (or the appliance delivery people/movers)

The places I rent are in an area that people would expect W/D. But what about yours?

@Garen T. provide the Fridge but not w/d. I’d rather deal with repairing dings on tenant turnover (that their security deposit pays for) vs being responsible for w/d upkeep. My 2cents. 

@Garen T. I provide them for my tenants for those reasons that you outlined.  I keep my units nice and the last thing I want is unnecessary scruffs, dings, etc.  It's just too much hassle.  And I know that if a professional comes out (like the guy from Home Depot) to install them that it stands a better chance of being done correctly that Renter X.  Being a contractor it's probably also easier for you to do the install yourself so you can probably save yourself the install fee.  Heck, you could probably look for washer/dryer units on Craigslist and pick some up lightly used.  So that's my two cents.  That said, I can't concretely say that I get to "raise the rent" because there's an provided in-unit washer/dryer.


Look at it from a renter's view. Are you likely to rent a place that has a big hole where there could be a clothes washer? Doesn't seem very homey, having to go to the laundrymat.

Or will you pay a bit more to have your very own brand new appliances, right in your home so you can wash a blanket when the baby barfs on it?

I consider in unit washer and dryer a must. I supply. I install. I have happy renters.

Thanks everyone. I'm now leaning towards having them installed. One interesting thing about where I live is that I can buy them across the state-line at 0% sales tax, but that means I have to install them myself.
I wonder if Home Depot or somewhere similar would offer me a discount if I buy 1 Fridge, 2 WD all at the same time?

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