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Does anyone have any recommendations for an independent leasing agent or company in Kansas City, MO?  I own about 100 units in midtown Kansas City.  I recently formed a property management company to manage our properties only, and I'm looking for help with leasing.  My husband is a co-owner and has is real estate agent/broker license, so I don't believe the agent would need to be licensed, although I have not researched this issue.  Thanks in advance!

Hi Kristi,

I think there's pretty strict guidelines about soliciting/advertising on the forum (especially through PM), so I'll just say - I think I can help you.

Feel free to reach out via PM anytime. Cheers!

So if you own the properties - there is no broker's license needed.  However, if you manage for a 3rd party, then the leasing agent needs to be a licensed Realtor (anyone talking to tenants about leases, numbers, etc) need to be licensed and that Realtor needs to work under the licensed broker.  All rent payments would be remitted to the broker and then the broker would pay the property owners.

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