Neighbor's snow on my driveway

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The neighbor to one of my properties keeps snow blowing her snow on to my driveway. I am planning to contact her to try to work this out as the first step. Any thoughts on how to approach this, and if that doesn't work do I have any legal recourse? It is a shared driveway in the sense that both driveways are adjacent with no divider, but there is room within both property lines for cars without having to literally share the middle.

@Peter Morrissey If it were me I would blow her snow and my snow onto her driveway and see how she likes it, buts that's just how I roll. 

If you don't want to go that route then it would probably be best to talk to her nicely about it. That will have your best bet of her being nice about it.

I doubt there is much of a legal recourse for this but couldn't say for sure.

Anything legal between neighbors never ends up well. You may ‘win’, but she’ll just find some other way to torment you for putting her through it.

I would start with the nice route. Maybe suggest that she direct the snow between your two driveways. You know - some kind of mutual agreeable solution.

On the other hand- are we talking lots of snow, or just an annoyance?

Hey so more to the story. What I hadn't mentioned was some initial attempts to resolve this which I had thought were going to be futile, and was preparing for the next step. Back up a bit, I had asked one of the tenants to attempt to work this out with the neighbor herself thinking it is best that tenants not rely upon me for every neighborly disagreement. I was also thinking that a better relationship with the next store neighbor in the semi-shared driveway would go a long way for everyone involved. My thought was that the kids who were in the apartment were nice, personable and likeable and certainly had the ability to work this out. I had also met the women and although a bit ecentric, was necessarily a bad person. 

I was about to contact the woman in my own attempt to start with the preferred "nice route" referenced by @Mike McCarthy . I contacted the tenant, assuming that like most people, she just didn't want to deal with the confrontation. It turns out that she did, and it had all been worked out!

I thanked God for that and resumed what turned out to be a much more pleasant evening than I had planned.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts. Always appreciated.