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My cousin who recently passed away, was in the hospital for over a month. While he was coherent, he asked a buddy of his to watch his house for him. Fast forwarding to now the siblings of my cousin who is also the home owner would like to go in and go through my cousins belongings. However, the buddy that is watching the house is now claiming that he has lived there for months and will not let family members in without his approval and on his time. My question is, what is the families rights in this situation? Can they evict the 'squatter' out? What rights does the 'Squatter' have? And what would the process be if an eviction had to take place? 

@Teddy Johnson

Sorry for your loss...

Tough situation, but not uncommon.

Since your cousin gave his friend permission to watch his place, the friend is not a squatter and has a legitimate right to the property. Assuming he doesn't have a lease, you would have to speak to a lawyer about the process of giving the friend a notice and how much notice and next steps if the friend refuses to stay... Of course, if the friend isn't paying any bills, this is a big issue.

Thank you Mr. Phillips 

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