Best security camera system for a 15 unit apartment complex

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We're considering putting up 1-3 cameras for our rectangular shaped apartment. It's 2 stories, with 15 units. 

The parking lot is out in front and we'd like at least one camera to see who is coming in and out since lots of them allow friends and family to stay over for weeks at a time. It's also a deterrent. They also block other people's parking spot or park in someone else's spot a lot. 

Is it best to just sign up for a local internet and install a Nest Cam or two or is there another way to do it cheaper? I'm looking at about $50/ month for internet and maybe $10 a month for Nest monitoring. If I were to get internet, I'd probably put the router in the back laundry room which is 200 feet from the front of the building. 

I bought some yi cameras on amazon and they’re great. Your storage consumption depends on how much recording is going to happen. I have motion sensing on and my cameras only go off for a few seconds per day so an SD card in each is all I need. Yi has a cloud storage platform you can use to scale if you have cameras on all the time and stores up to 30 days just like nest. I think it costs less too.

@Jon L. - Check out point central - they have a pretty cool set-up.

Note that I am in no way affiliated with them, nor do I receive a commission. They just have a unique product offering.

Arlo wireless cameras may be a good option too on a smaller building like that.

Point central looks cool

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