Tenants cancel lease before move in

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If tenants sign lease in April and pay deposit to secure Rental for August. What happen if tenant change their mind and want to break lease before August? Does landlord have the right to keep the deposit?

Are there any cancellation clause available that you guys current using for your lease agreement? I would like to see an example.

Thank you for any help.

This is still breach of contract. My lease says I keep the deposit if they break the lease. I would hope yours has this in there as well. I still think you are entitled to the deposit either way. If your not sure contact an attorney to clarify this.

Unless the property is occupied and the currant tenant is leaving a month before the new tenant ?  Why would you sign a lease with a move in date 5 months away ? 

@Matthew Paul   could be collage town.. I just sold a multi unit property in Charleston SC.. knock on wood funds on Monday.. for 1.3 mil.. and I let them advertise the units they were all vacant .. I did a total gut rehab on the front building and built a brand new construction on the back.

they signed leases with collage kids for each room at 800 a room  there are 12 rooms.. so they are going to close leave it vacant until the kids move in this summer.  then they will be full with zero vacancies for years to come..

so that's one instance were this might happen.

yes. this is college student rentals. current lease expired July 31st. New lease start Aug 1st. student sign lease now and pay deposit to secure the rental for Aug 1st.

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This post has been removed.

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