Eviction Prior To Being On Government Assistance

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Scenario:  If a prospective tenant was evicted due to not paying rent, but now they are on a Section 8 housing voucher, do you make an exception or look at this any different than a normal eviction?

I would look at any eviction as a HUGE red flag. Not only did he fall into a situation where he couldn’t pay rent, but he couldn’t work through the issue with his landlord. It went on for however long, went to court, and was EVICTED.

I don’t have as much concern with someone who was late on some loan payments, realized it, fixed it - and was upfront about it. Shows that they take responsibility for the issues they got themselves into.

I agree @Mike McCarthy . He was still evicted. Speak with the Landlord that evicted them and see what condition the home was in when they got finally got out. I have a strict no evictions in the last five year policy and no previous landlords in collections policy period.

Section 8 or not all applicants are screened by the same standards. If they are evicted prior to being on section 8 it is highly likely they will do the same on section 8.

Irresponsible is irresponsible.

@Mike McCarthy I completely agree.  

@Stephen Haynes would you treat an eviction and foreclosure the exact same?

@Thomas S. I do agree that an eviction is more of a character issue than anything.  This is all hypothetical, however, let's say prior to them being on Section 8, they were evicted for being unable to pay a $1300 rent.  But now being on Section 8, their portion they will be responsible for is $100.  They are still the same person, but financially the situation is completely different.

@Dan Shelhamer I would not treat them the same the foreclosure affects there credit score and as long as they still met my minimum credit score I would rent to them. If the eviction was over five years ago I would also rent to them as long as they have no prior landlords in collections. 

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