water/sewer bill covered by home insurance claim?

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Hello everyone,

I recently had water damage due to a pipe burst in my rental house.  I submitted an insurance claim and it was fully covered by the insurance. 

About 2 months later, I received my water/sewer bill.  It turns out many cu. ft. of water was wasted when the pipe burst and the bill is over $3500 just for one quarter.   Will this water/sewer bill be covered by the insurance??

I had not accounted for this big of water bill charge - looking for way to minimize/cover this.

Any help/insight will be greatly appreciated!



@Neel Shah in our area the water authority will decrease the amount charged upon presentation of documents that prove the leak and repair. Essentially they charge for the water that was lost, but not the corresponding sewage treatment cost since they didn’t treat the leaked water as sewage.

@Matt Clark

Thank you for your feedback.

I can certainly provide the town with photos of leak and repair receipt (along with claim). 

Does this mean they would remove the Sewer charge (Sewer charge is majority of the bill so I would benefit quite a bit)?

Also, does this have a name or something - I am trying to look for a way to present it to them in the best way possible...

I am assuming the insurance would not cover any of the bill itself, right?

@Neel Shah I don’t know if insurance would cover any portion of the bill, but your agent should be able to answer that question.

And what you would ask the water authority for is a billing adjustment due to a water leak. And yes, in my experience they will back out most or even all of the sewage bill.

Good luck!

Check with the insurance company. I don't know if they will cover it but it seems likely since it is part of the same claim.

The water company will only refund a portion of the bill, usually the sewer amount. I've had water leaks that cost $400 and we received a refund of around $50. It's always worth asking.

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