Rent Roll in Atlanta, GA 30311?

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I'm running the numbers on a 4/2 in a neighborhood between Lauren's Valley & Campbelton road.  Once the house is complete, I'll be looking to rent it out.  Can any of you landlord's in the 30311 area post your rent roll for similar homes or share via PM?  I'm unfamiliar with this part of Atlanta and trying to get a pulse on market rates.



@Ari Newman  Welcome to BP!  I get $900 for a 3/1 in Venetian Hills on Westmont thru Section 8.   Renovation level is moderate.  That's about $0.90/sf.   I'm probably under market by $100/mo at this point. I was top of the market a couple of years ago.

If I were doing the research you are, I'd look at Zillow and Rentometer.  Condition and size matter most.  However, there's not much difference between a 3/2 and a 4/2 which are both the same size and school district.    New kitchen vs. old kitchen could make rents jump by 20 - 30% is my guess.   Call up the advertisers.

Another great tip is the advertise your rental on Craigslist without giving a specific location and see if you get a bunch of calls.  

Hope that helps.