Memphis 2.5 ton AC Condenser Replacement

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Hey all - 

I need to replace an AC condenser in Memphis TN for my rental property.  I think I need a 2.5 ton (1400 sqft).

- Any recommendations on brands? HVAC companies?

- Are there energy efficient tax credits available for something like this?

- What do I need to look out for?

Any and all advice greatly appreciated!

@Tim Cronin - something to think about before you put your new one in:  depending on the neighborhood you might want to consider getting a cage or some type of security system for it.  They can grow legs...

I wouldn’t bother with a cage because thieves can still break it down inside one. Once our tenant client has moved into the home we schedule a day with them to install water tank, A-coil and condenser. This has been the best method for us! 

@James Martin - definitely won't prevent a theft but it is a good deterrent!

I didn't quite understand your approach.  Do you remove those items while the house is vacant?

I'd say an important to consider weighing out the differences in costs if it's currently a dry-22 unit. Since R22 is being phased out by 2020, R-410A units are the replacement units, but from what I've been told this requires that you change the air handler as well. Some people are still putting in Dry-22 condensers to cut their costs down and using M-O99 if R22 isn't available to them.

I've heard mixed reviews about using M-O99 as a replacement for R22 because it needs to run at a higher pressure than R22. So all things considered, if this is your situation then I'd recommend seeing what fits your budget.

I've had good experiences with Goodman units.

Originally posted by @Sam Wilson :

@James Martin - definitely won't prevent a theft but it is a good deterrent!

I didn't quite understand your approach.  Do you remove those items while the house is vacant?

 Yes Sam, the day we schedule our walkthru with the tenant I have my guys remove the water tank, A-Coil and condenser from the home. We store it in our warehouse until another tenant moves into the home. 

Originally posted by @Jack Inman :

I’ve had good luck with C and K heating and air. I put a Goodman unit in my last property. Not too expensive but good enough for a rental.   

I put a Goodman coil & furnace in my property in Lewisville, TX. Being here in Texas, I've talked with a lot of HVAC contractors and tradesmen. I also worked for Lennox in 1990's. Anyway for rental homes, I have understood that some of the "2nd Tier Brands" like Goodman, American Standard, Rheem, etc. are very good values for rental units. For my personal home I am more willing to pay for the high SEER tricked out units from the big companies (some of whom actually manufacture the budget brands). But I have two 4 ton splits in a high cubic foot house in Texas and house is occupied during the day. I have a 3 ton and the 2.5 ton Goodmans in my 1600 and 1100 square foot units respectively and they are operating well per my inspection and per tenants. If the tenants pay utilities in a smaller house the 18-21 seer premium units are really not going to benefit you or the tenants much.

Hello @Tim Cronin I can message you with a recommendation to our guy.

Although units can be still be tampered with in a cage, they are still a deterrent to some degree. Depending on what part of the city your rental is in, I'd definitely recommend it!