Mysterious gray/wavy patterns appearing all over new blinds

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I recently purchased a duplex and bought the cheap China-made vinyl blinds from Lowe's (Project Source). I hung them up in both sides of a duplex. Within 3 days, this gray, splotchy, wavy pattern started appearing on ALL of the blinds in ONE side of the duplex. We scrubbed the blinds and the substance comes off a little, but not completely. Anyone ever heard of something like this??

Note: it's not simply dust from the house. We don't have any AC in the house yet (it has been hot/humid....but so has the other side of the duplex where the patterns are not showing up). I've called the manufacturer and they said they have not heard of it. I even called around to some air test companies and they've not heard of it either. My fear is that it's reacting to something harmful in the air. It is a very old duplex....built in 1905. But it has been fairly well maintained.

My worst fear is that that you was previously used for meth manufacturing. But this symptom on the blinds matches nothing I can find online around former meth-labs.

Anyone ever heard of or seen anything like this?

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If it is the sunny side of the duplex depending on your area they could be melting I guess.

 I thought that might've been the issue too, but if anything, that side is the shady side of the house. It also wouldn't make sense that it's showing up in ALL the rooms of that one side.

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maybe if you are really concerned try purchasing the same blinds from a different store to see if it happens again or if you just got defective blinds.

 So I think I've ruled out that it's the blinds themselves. I bought all 16 blinds at one time. I randomly put half of them in one unit, half in the other. And even though they were randomly distributed to each unit, only the blinds on one side are having this issue.