i need someone to look at pay stubs and bank records to determine

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Originally posted by @Daine Smith :

i need someone to look at pay stubs and bank records to determine if they are valid - I just don't have the experience to spot any ideas?

 You have to get a written authorization form signed by the person you want to verify and with that you can check out the information. 

Diane is this a blanket mistrust of people, or a specific mistrust of the statement provider.

The reason I ask is, if you are apprehensive about this specific person providing you false returns, then I recommend not doing any business with them. If you feel nervous enough about a person that you can't trust them in this interaction, I assure you as time goes on you won't learn to get a warm and fuzzy.

that said, find an equivalent statement from the same issuing bank on a google image search and compare. or find a local branch employee from that bank, make a copy of this statement and black out all identifying information and ask them if it looks like a legitimate statement from them.

I would be hesitant to show an uninvolved 3rd party bank statements from a stranger.

Thank you - it is more of a gut thing and I will recommend we look for another renter.  I just hate to say know if there is a way to test my gut.   I think the bank statements are good and deposits match stubs.  The home is in a big cash economy.  My feeling is this guy makes his money in cash and the stubs are fake.  I am making too much of this but it drives me nuts not to know.  I would feel horrible if denied his family a place to live and I was wrong.  What would a mortgage underwriter do in this situation?  The money is there, credit score is above 750 and there is no sign of history of skipping.  I just think the stubs are fake

Did you call the employer directly using their published number? Not the number the person gave you.

Any company should be able to verify employment and salary.