Flooring in high traffic areas

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has anyone used the waterproof (life proof) vinyl planks in any of their rentals and if so what was your experience? I am thinking about using this Product in all the high traffic areas as well as kitchen and bathrooms in my rental property. The property is located in an area that has very high Humidity in the summer and freezing winters. The subfloor is elevated about 2 feet off the ground, Supported by pillars and a Concrete sill that the house sits on. If anyone has a better solution or option please post. Thanks in advance for any help.

@Elias Zubia I have installed vinyl plank in about 5 of my units in Berwyn, IL. So far, they have held up very well, and I expect them to perform well for 7-10 years. They are truly water proof which is the best part about them. Probably the better flooring would be a nice tile if your area will allow this. In Chicago, tile is not commonly used in the living areas, but if it was I would use it everywhere!

@Elias Zubia I went to lumber liquidators this week to inquire about vinyl flooring. They recommended a water proof engineered vinyl plank by the brand name Coreluxe. I explained to him that I would be putting throughout our entire rental, kitchen and bathroom included. It has a 10 yr warranty, water proof, green and has a high-density core that resists denting. I feel like they always have a sale going on.