Any good rental areas around Montevideo MN?

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My wife has family in the area that she visits and we have been discussing buying some rental properties in the area so that we can write off part of our trips to Montevideo. I know that the mid west in general is good for rentals, but I was hoping that some of you who are investing in the area could point me to some specific locations around Montevideo that would be ideal to purchase some rental properties. 

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@Dean I. Hutchinson is a good area but a ways from Montevideo.

I was just talking to a friend that owns a hardware store in Cottonwood.  He said a cabinet shop that employs 200 of the 1,200 residents in Cottonwood is shutting down, so that is probably an area to avoid.

I agree with @Dick Rosen .  Buffalo is a really great town in a nice location.  I used to live there.  Dassel and Cokato are also good rental markets.  A friend of mine has several in each town.

Willmar and Granite Falls might be worth looking in to as well.