Next Best Thing To App. Folio? Any Recommendations? Please?

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Hi Friends,

I am looking to invest in property management software and app folio is the perfect fit but is only accessible to companies with 50+ properties.  I am a smaller company so I am looking something that allows you to take payments online, coordinate repairs, track expenses and etc. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. I have a friend that works for a company that currently uses app folio and it works well. Does anyone have any experience with adding another company to an existing app folio account and how you would keep properties sep.?

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Might want to try PropertyWare, Buildium, Rent Manager. They are all excellent software that is specifically for management of single family homes. I have used AppFolio since 2009 and absolutely love it.

Are you a NARPM member?

^I've also heard good things about Buildium. TenantCloud and Cozy are other popular options. My personal choice is Roof, which I find works especially well for small-medium size portfolios. I've been using it for about 6 months now and I find it fits my brand and my needs supremely well.

Thanks will check out those recommended providers. Kim, if you are currently using app folio does it allow you to keep sep. files for each of your clients? Does it have the capability to handle several clients business? There has to be a way to add different portfolios within the platform, right? I have a friend that handles the property management for a local investor and they use app folio and she would like to use it to handle my properties as well since she is so familiar. The local investor pays for app folio so we need to make sure that my portfolio would be completely sep. from theirs.  

Ok.... after doing some research app folio tracks by tax id number so doesn't have the capability to have multiple clients with different tax id numbers. The search continues, thanks in advance for your advice.

I started with Propertyware and switched to Appfolio as I grew. I don't think there were any great differences between the 2 but Propertyware was cheaper for the smaller business.

I use Buildium and have appreciated it. Relatively straightforward and helps with what I need: receive payments, require/offer renters insurance, eLeases and eLease renewals, inspections, and all the other "standard" things.

It looks like you are a property manager? I own rentals and manage my own, but it's build for both owner managers and professional managers.