Military Rental Issue

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We need help on our lease agreement. Our lease ends July 11th, but our orders are not until Aug 28th. We have enough days saved up and what not to be able to leave as soon as July 28th. This leaves us with 17 days we still need a home. We contacted our apartments and they want to increase our rate 30% for every additional day. Is there a way we can go around such a high rent increase for those additional 17 days we need? It seems rather high for such a small amount of days. We already pay a higher rent rate then our BAH covers. We can't afford much more. Please let us know what we can do.

Thank you.

I had a similar issue last year where I had to stay a month longer past my lease date until I PCS. So for the extra month I had to stay, I renewed my lease for a year then gave them a copy of my orders telling them I was going to break it in a month.