Management and agent combo

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when it comes to long distance investing, how do you all feel about having your agent and management under one company? 

I feel like it could make communication easier and helps ensure the agent is investor friendly. But it takes away from some of the checks and balances provided by having 2 separate entities looking after your “best interests”. 

Nope. Nope. Nope.  If a firm also does sales they likely direct their attention towards whatever is the hottest at that moment.  If the realtor side sucks, they suddenly become more focused on PM.  If sales are hot, it goes the other way.  

Also, in general agent pm's tend not be as informed on rental law and changes as much because most of the local and state realtor associations focus heavily on sales law.  Most agents (falsely) believe the realtor association will tell them everything they need to know about running either type of business. That is simply not the case. 

I always suggest that you chose a PM before you buy and get a second opinion from the PM before you buy. But I don't see any advantage to using a PM and Agent within the same brokerage. I'd suggest picking each one individually and if they happen to be in the same brokerage so be it.