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I’ve been a member here for a long time , talked a big game but never took action. I have funds ready to go for my first rental property , im looking to build a nice portfolio. I’m new to the state, I live in bear and looking to invest in rentals close by If anyone has any words of wisdom or agent recommendations im all ears Thanks

Hi Charles!

We invest throughout New Castle County, so we are familiar with the areas and markets.

Feel free to PM me if there’s anything we can help with! Best of luck with the start of your portfolio!

Thank you for the response. My parents are in Middletown right near back creek. They were the whole reason for me coming ver from New York. I was trying t find your contact info. It’s not showing me any info

There are many townhome communities in the Newark/Bear area that have good rental history.  Probably wont be able to get better than the 1% rule, but popular rental area.  Just check crime for the area.  Good luck.