Property management on a one time basis.

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Hello Bigger Pockets, I own and rent a couple of houses I am renting in Dallas TX for which I am doing property management by myself.

I am looking for a service provider who can help me take care of issues that are coming up every once in a while on a one time basis. for example, taking care of appliances, buy a new fridge if needed, etc.. I understand that it might be more expensive.

Are you familiar with such service and can recommend/link me.

Hi @Amit Ramraz    Can't your tenant take care of these small things for themselves?  When something breaks I usually give the tenant a budget and tell them find quotes for repair or pick out the new appliances themselves.  They'll send me 2-3 quotes for tree trimming or house painting, or links to new appliances, etc. and I'll pay on-line and let the tenant coordinate delivery, etc.  I think most people appreciate being able to choose what goes into their home and I appreciate the decreased hassle and expense.  

When it's done the tenant sends me pictures of what was done along with serial numbers, guarantee paperwork, etc. as appropriate and I've spent 20 minutes on the project and no extra money for a PM.  

Fridges, stoves, etc have free next day delivery and installation from Lowes and Home Depot. They can haul away the old one too for a small fee usually or the delivery guys can take it outside and set it on the curb for you. That is probably your best solution.

Anything else just find a reliable handyman and pay him a fair amount to keep doing your one time basis jobs.

Ditto what @Amy Davidson said. If you have good tenants who are reliable, it works! Many years ago I was a tenant in a rental house in Seattle. When the fridge broke down, my landlord told me to find a good used refrigerator that I liked... "not the most expensive and not the cheapest", he said. We did the footwork and coordinated it all and he paid for it. Win-win. It felt good to be involved in the process.

Also, ditto what @Sant Li said. We've bought many appliances at a good value from Lowes.  If you want to go with a new appliance, shop for it online and arrange for delivery of the new and haul away of the old. Coordinate it with your tenant, so they will be at the home when all this happens. You can ask your tenant to quickly clean the spot where the old appliance sat as soon as it is taken away and before the new appliance is brought in.