Undocumented roommate / funny business?

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We recently purchased a duplex and tenant in unit 1 is good about keeping me in the loop about what is going on. Within the last week she let me know about a "new roommate" in unit #2. A few days later she lets me know there are a lot of people coming in and out of unit #2 at all hours and neighbor noticed a lot of traffic. She said she is scared because some people have been coming to her door looking for someone. 

My question is what is my landlord responsibility. Most importantly we don't want my tenants to feel unsafe, #2 if there is any funny business going on we want to put a stop to it quickly. However, with nothing "on record" where do we start? 

I did tell tenant #1 not to be afraid to call the police immediately if something gets out of hand but she doesn't want to cause any problems. 

Thank you in advance for all your input!

I’d go to the property myself and see what’s going on. Then simply ask the tenants why they have constant traffic going in and out of the house. The most logical conclusion is they are selling drugs. That’s far from a certainty without more information but my radar would certainly be on high alert if this behavior is happening consistently.

I have a client that buys and turns around challenging properties, Mostly 4 plexus and small apartment complexes. He puts up cameras and has an on-site meeting with local law enforcement for a “security walk through”. The drug dealers and hookers typically move out within 30 days. Their clients don’t like being filmed. Plan on a few cameras being damaged

Hi Jessica, 

I would recommend doing an inspection of your second unit (take pictures, keep notes, etc.) in order to have something on record. In addition, this can give you a better idea of what is going on in the unit. 

Do you have anything in your lease that mentions illegal occupants? 

Thanks so much for all the feedback! To be clear he isn't illegal but just not on the lease. Tenant said he was staying with her for a while and said if he's there for more than a week he needs to fill out a rental application. He apparently didn't want to do that so she let me know she was kicking him out. Tenant upstairs let me know she saw him carrying out a tv and yelling. 

@Joe Bertolino I like the idea of putting up cameras to let them know we're watching! We've filed a "crime stoppers" report so if we need to get law enforcement involved we can go that route. 

Thanks again!