Do I pay for tenants hotel room?

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Yesterday my tenants AC broke. They needed to spend the night in a hotel room because the AC repairman couldn’t make it until the next morning at 11am and it was up to 95 degrees In the house.  I’ve been researching the requirement about whether I need to reimburse my tenant for the night in the hotel room or how that whole process works. Can anyone point me in the right direction or provide a website for me to review? I keep finding different policies. I am in the state of Missouri. Thanks!


I'd guess you're required to pay if it was the winter and the heating system broke, doubt you'd need to for AC.  AC is a relatively new invention, people someone made it for > thousands of years without it.  Most reasonable people wouldn't got to a hotel vs spend a night in a non AC house if it was their money.  I'd say you're off the hook; now just decide if you want to pay or go half to keep them happy.

If you have a lot of units, you might want to invest in a good, used window AC unit (Craigslist $50 special).  I did that several years back and it comes in handy in these cases.  Just loan it to the tenants until the AC man can come.  

Good Luck!