Tenant Noise Ordinance

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Tenant complaint issues...

Tenant A which is residential and has a couple of kids. Tenant B which is commercial and in the basement. Tenant A complained that Tenant B would blast their music and the subwoofer is really loud late at night. Tenant B complains that they hear kids running around all the time.

I decided to post a notice to all tenants that there is a noise ordinance and that tenants may not interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of the neighbors. Tenant B keeps on complaining about Tenant A. I did call and notify A to be respectful and mindful of their neighbors.

Honestly, I believe it's a case of "he said", and "she said".

My personal opinion, tenant B is a younger kid who runs a tattoo shop and thinks that he can blast music and drink freely. Just because you own a "business" doesn't mean you can party late at night.

Tenant A is a family with young kids. They're ok, but kids are kids. The times I've gone into the apartment, they seem to be ok.

I'm not sure how to deal with each one complaining about one another. They both pay rent on time. I'd hate for one of the tenants to complain that I, the landlord haven't done anything when in reality, I don't think there's much that I can do. I've reiterated that neighbors have to respect one another.


Sounds like you didn’t do a good job screening your tenants . They are completely incompatible to be in the same building . Being polar opposites I doubt you’ll ever find a compromise in this situation unfortunately. You could use the lease as a billy club and threaten or put up notices to comply and give out verbal warnings all you want but at the end of the day you got a party animal trying to mingle with a family man with just a few boards between them .

Which moved in first?

Did "family" know they were moving in above a "business"? and a tattoo shop at that....if they did, suck it up an deal with it or move out.

If the family was there first and you put a tattoo shop below them, then that's your big mistake and your only solution is to kick the tattoo shop out and put a more "quiet" business in there.... if  the family leaves, you will face the issue with the next tenant too...

You cant mediate these issues/conflicts...... you wont win. You tell both parties that you have spoken to the other party involved and that's as far as it goes...... you have asked them to be courteous to each other about the noise, but you cant force them to do anything.....if the other party is breaking the law in regard to the noise, then call the cops....otherwise, work it out among yourselves....or move out.....

DO NOT try to be "mom/dad" and act as the mediator..... its a no win situation