Zillow Tenant Screening

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I just received an application from a potential tenant. The background and credit checks was helpful. The person did not meet my minimum credit score of 650. So it was great, in that sense. but they also dropped out because they found a better opportunity, which was good considering I would have had to deny them based on their credit score anyway.

One thing it did not have was a question relating to when they intended to move and a reason from moving form their current residence. I found that information from contacting the tenant through email, when they were initially interested in the property.

I now have 2 addition people interested in the property and have just sent an email to them. The property is not officially open on Zillow just yet (currently completing the rehab), so I just put it on my social media account and have gotten 3 leads from here so far.

I do feel bad that the first applicant paid $30, just to be denied based on his score. I am debating whether to have these 2 potential tenants pay the $30 to apply and then show them the property if they qualify, or show them the property first before they pay $30 to see if they qualify.

I don't know what to do. I have 2 other properties that are currently leased to people I know, and I didn't  go through an official screening process.