Tenant airbnb-ing unit, no subletting allowed

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Our problem tenant is airbnb-ing her unit without permission. We wanted her out due to another issue but have given her a seven day notice to cure that and she did (we are in Iowa). Now she is subletting and lease states no subletting. Iowa law says I have to give her a 7 day notice to cure since it’s a separate violation. She can just take down the listing and stay, even though she’s ALREADY MADE MONEY off of a property that I insure, maintain & pay for some utilities on? 😫😡 Is there any way to get her out?! I believe our lease says it’s null and void if broken. Does that prevail over the 7 day notice to cure? Should I get a lawyer?

She violated the same lease provision twice? Isn’t that enough to serve notice to quit and proceed to eviction in Iowa? She can’t continue to violate the lease repeatedly and “cure” when you send notice. Or is Iowa super strict?

@Domenick T. - sorry I just saw this. She made two different violations. (Actually, 3 or 4....now that I’m writing this it’s been 5). Thankfully she made another violation for the second time so now she has a 7 day notice to vacate being served by the sheriff today.