Number of Units Vs Insurance Policy

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Hello BPI, 

I was out shopping insurance quotes for a 6 unit M/F property. My Insurance agent pointed out their max for a landlord policy is 4 units and anything above that has to go commercial. Is this industry standard practice or are there landlord policies out there for > 4 units M/F properties?

I will also like to know if it is advisable to go with a commercial property over a landlord policy as the #of units involved gets higher (6 in this case)


@Tosin Oluwatoye  

Focus on the coverages in each policy., not the name.

The term "Landlord policy" is just a name insurance companies will use, it's not an industry standard of specific coverages.  "Landlord" policies can very greatly from company to company.

Commercial policies can have just as muchcoverage, if not more coverage than a typical "Landlord" policy.