Large fee from my PM on a wasp nest removal

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How timely.  Today I did a tour of a number of my properties with a long stick and evicted about a dozen paper wasp nests.  These aren't caused by tenant neglect, the wasps are just squatters who want to stay at my places without paying rent.

I usually don't get stung, but I did today.  No big deal.

Hit them with a $5 can in early morning. They shoot like 20 ft. ON your business LOL and stroke large checks for things us self managers take care of in minutes. You can't have it both ways.

Thanks all for the advice - I was more interested in where this lands from a responsibility standpoint and from what I'm reading this feels more landlord than the tenant if the tenant feels the need to call it in.

Thank you for the comments on self-managing, it would be nice if I was local and could simply drive out and do that, but alas I am half a country away and the PM reduces my headaches. I could've probably found a contractor to do it for slightly less, but as I said that wasn't my main concern here. 

Just an FYI if it is a nest in the ground you can go buy Permethrin powder at a farm supply, horse supply store or Tractor supply store for $5-$8 a bottle and just dust the ground. It gets on their wings and ends up killing the nests. I had wood bees actually start boring in the dry ground underneath the deck and it took care of them in 48hrs. I have taken care of yellow jackets the same way, but wait till after dusk b/c they all go in for the night and you will not be stung. I keep 2 bottles at each property so my cleaners can take care of it quickly. I hope this helps someone.

I get 3 or 4 nests each year on our personal residence.  I find each needs to be treated very differently.

-Nest connected to but outside house is easy, wait until an hour after dusk and spray, knock down, and destroy

-Nest inside the wall of house is very difficult!  Do not spray or they will look for an alternate way out of the nest which likely is a way into your house.  With these nests I tend to not take it out but control its size by using the "shopvac" method:

This method won't kill off the next entirely, but will greatly reduce numbers until more hatch, so you have to repeat it a few times throughout the summer.  Only other choice is to bring in an expert for a $200 which adds up with the number of nests we get.