Multifamily housing-First purchase

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Hi @Account Closed . Owner occupied Duplexes is what my wife and I are doing.  The properties we find tend to need updating or major renovation. It is tough to find turnkey type properties in NJ that cash flow.  I am currently in Union County, in the process of purchasing next duplex in Essex County.  We stay close to public transportation, particularly train stations.

@Account Closed advice. Your best bet is to be close to public transportation which is plentiful in NJ and to househack to optimize finances. If you don't plan to live in one of the units, I'd try to find something in your own backyard first. If you need team members recommendations (like realtor, attorney, etc...) feel free to PM me.


@Account Closed our next property we are buying we likely will not be owner occupying.  We will purchase, put on addition, then rent.  Owner occupying is what we are currently doing.  PM some information on your energy program.