Property left behind by an evicted tenants guest.

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I have a 2 bdrm rental that I rented for 1400 and received a 1000 deposit. Mo to mo lease.  Gave tenant 90 day notice to vacate as a courtesy because only 45 days required by law but I know it's hard to find rentals these days. As soon as my tenant received the notice they stopped paying rent for May and then in June. On July 6, going on the 3rd month without rent I gave them a 5 day pay or quit notice. They didn't respond and  they never tried to call me to tell me what's going on. Many attempts to call their cell but no answer. So I caught them at home one day and told them to use the May and June rent for their deposit and first months rent on another place but they needed to be out by July 11 because I can't go 3 months without rent. July 11 came and they still were there and the garage was still full of all their things. Long story short is I finally got them to leave July 17 but my tenant had illegally moved in his  friends daughter and 8 year old son who was never put on our agreement. When they left on July 17 they said she would be back to following day for her furniture and boxes that filled up the entire garage. Well they haven't been back yet and the house was left very filthy as if it were never cleaned for 8 years that he lived there. Dirt and mold covering the walls and blinds in every room. So, my question is she was never put on the lease so what can I do about all her things left here? They left me no forwarding address or contact number. He's retired and she is not employed so I have no way of getting a hold of them. Thank you 

At this point you need probably a property manager and an attorney. You shouldn’t wait that long to evict

I would get a lawyer to find out the legal way. You could get into trouble if you dispose of the possessions without going through your local legal procedures.

I hope you have learned from this experience because you made a huge error by not filing for eviction when they first stopped paying rent. If you had you could of had them all out by now. Do not compound your error by not getting legal advice to get out these squatters and their stuff.

@Caleb Heimsoth and @Amy Beth are right, you should have posted the quit/pay notice the day after the May rent was due.  Don't beat yourself up though, I made the same 'nice guy' mistake a few times before I learned my lesson.  Post the notice and begin eviction asap or you will be looking over your shoulder for the next 12 months waiting for them to demand their expensive stuff back.