Tenant Screening Companies

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I am trying to run a background check on my first ever tenant. I google searched tenant screening companies and came across TurboTenant. But the prospective tenant is having trouble getting it to work. Claims the processes just keeps restarting. Does anyone have any other recommendations on other screening companies. Or is it user (tenant) error?

Thanks, Derek. 

aaa screening, or see if your state landlord association offers the service.  We were never successful having the applicant do an on-line process, with aaa we fax/scan the paperwork to them. aaascreening.com

I can’t recommend the state LL Association any more highly, and now is the time for you to benefit from the services and networking. In most cases they will help you with screening and a host of benefits for a LL. I joined the Wa LL Assoc. and they have acceded my expectations by a long shot.

Check out https://www.transunion.com

I use them with ever potential tenant. Saved me from placing terrible tenants. Tenants pays the fee and you get useful information to help make an informed decision.

Good luck.

Hi Derek. I'm a representative of TurboTenant. Thank you for utilizing our software! This could be due to a bad internet connection. Our applications automatically save the applicant's progress every time that they leave and come back. If they are still having issues, feel free to have them reach out to our support team!

Katie, to update the situation I have received their application. Now the prospective tenant claims Trans Union is not allowing their credit report to be released. They say they have called and talked to a representative at Trans Union. I feel like have done everything in my power to reach out to Turbo Tenant to help resolve the situation. I feel bad they paid for this service and did not get the full service I expressed to them. I worry that it hurts my reputation as a landlord since I trusted TurboTenant. Now this just could be user error on their part. I am just at a lose on how I personally can help them through the process any further. Any more advice would be greatly appreciated.

The PM software we use for our properties uses reliable screening for the background checks. We've never had a problem with them. I am not a representative of reliable screening. Just letting you know what we use.