General contractors in NJ

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Hi All! I'm making my way into REI and so far, while the market is very competitive I'm my area (Hudson / Bergen counties in NJ), I'm finding properties which are worth, at minimum, analyzing well and making some offers. That said, I could really use some recommendations/referrals to general contractors and so I'm hoping the BP community could help! Does anyone have an experienced and trusted general contractor they could refer me to? I'd love to speak with them!

Ive used Tony Ceriwri from Cervieri Contruction Corp. Wasn’t the cheapest one but he did the job on time and it was right. 

To me, I’d rather have the job done correctly the use a cheap contractor that does half a job, then run around trying to find another to fix the mess. That winds up costing me more in the end. I also want someone i can keep going back to that I have a good relationship that’s goig to respond to me and value my business. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

I’m not sure how you look at things but many times what you spend is what you’ll get. 

Any other hell needed, just ask. We r in the same market 

@Marc Roth thanks for the feedback. I'm definitely valuing quality and timelines as I'm looking at a couple large multi family rehabs. I'll give them a shout and sincerely appreciate your recommendation!

Hi @Marc Roth , that's much appreciated and it would be great to connect. I'm actively making offers, but I've lost these bids. Thankfully, I have not overpaid for a property :) I am using the BP calculators to evaluate the deals financially.

I have financial backing and so I'm looking to partner-up with contractors and/or partners who have done big rehabs on small multifamily properties (2-5 units).