Tenant Car Damage in their Drive Way!

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This past weekend, two of my tenants got their cars damaged (minor scratch on one, and good scratch on the other). I have construction happening on one of the units, and there is a lot of movement in the building because of it. 

I received a text from my tenant with pictures of the damage but they don't know how it happened or who may have been. They are blaming the workers or the delivery guys who delivered the construction materials. 

I would like to see how landlords here would handle something like that. I know I'm not responsible, but I want to handle in a way that it does not cause future stress with the tenants, if that is possible.

Thanks in advance for the help.

@Brunno Goncalves I would say I am sorry to hear about your damage and that you hope they are able to find the responsible person for this damage but unfortunately since you were not there you have no way of knowing who may have caused this.

If you really feel generous or bad about this damage you could say that "If you can't find the guilty party you would be willing to chip in on the cost of their deductible" That way they claim it on their insurance instead of trying to sue you.

Hi Brunno,

That's a tough spot to be in. I agree that it's obviously not your fault. If I was in this position, I'd probably have the tenants reach out directly to the construction crew and let them handle it. Unless you personally witnessed the damage being done, I'd stay out of the middle of it. 

I feel bad for the tenants having their property damaged but unless there's some video proof, there doesn't seem like a whole lot anyone can do. Showing some empathy towards the tenants may be enough to keep tensions down.