Best Electric Submeter

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Hi All,

Just bought a small house with a guest house in Phoenix. I'm a brand new landlord - I'll be living in the guest house with tenants in the main house. I only have one electric panel so I'd like to get a sub meter so I can charge them for electricity (don't want to charge them a fixed rate but the actual cost of their portion of the electric).

Any recommendations for the best brand to buy? Don't need anything super fancy, just something easy to install/use.

I'm a bit overwhelmed with options so any guidance or suggestions you all have would be great! Thanks.

I don’t have a recommendation on a sub meter, but you do know that you’ll need a separate electrical panel, and all their circuits will need to be separated. Maybe they already are, or maybe they aren’t. But you need a single ‘feed’ to meter. I assume your guest house is separate and has its own feed. Then you would technically be sub-metering your house and subtracting from the main house.