Overheard another landlord about rent discounts....

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I overheard another landlord in the S.E. Wisconsin area stating that last year they started a rent promotion program where if tenants have a certain amount of volunteer hours logged with a list of pre-approved organizations in the city where the rental units are, that they got a 10% reduction in rent.

Assuming these are non-profit orgs that are not restricted to religious organizations or targeting protected-classes, is this actually legal? I know that it's legal to give rent discounts to serviceman and those in the police and fire dept., but I never gave a second though to other types of discounts?

Legal or not, who cares?  Do you really want to monitor tenant volunteer activity and reduce your monthly income?  If so, you’re in the wrong business.  Be charitable on your time, run your rental business separately.  

Nice idea and all, but to me, it sounds like just asking for extra work. Now they have to track/verify volunteer hours, adjust rents accordingly, make sure all rent logs are also accurate so there's no discrepancies, etc.

@Nicole A. - That's exactly what I thought too. I have no idea how many units the person had (I was straight up eavesdropping at a restaurant), but it just sounded like unnecessary work for units that will probably get rented out regardless. 

unnecessary work? sounds like a convenient cop-out to me. i'm all for people experimenting like this, especially when it benefits the community. as far as tracking hours, most volunteer organizations already do this. if you're sending them volunteers i'm sure they'd be happy to send you accounting of hours volunteered.

@Casandra M. Hey ,When you find out sign me up . I love extra bookkeeping and making less money every month . Why not let them live for free and give a 100% discount for service members . I mean if we are going to go bankrupt let’s do it UP right!