Rented a Rat Infested House-Help!

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My wife and I rented a house from a large property management company and opened the door to find rats and you name the insects inside. We are new to the Atlanta area need advice on the financial issues we’re facing due to our situation. Please help!

Call your property manager and tell them they need to send an exterminator, stat! Take photos of the bugs/critters as proof. 

I’m looking for advice on what the property management company is financially liable for since we have accrued large costs due to the property not livable? How can we Position ourselves that they pay for moving costs, loss of work due to negligence and other costs?

The local office is no help so we contacted the Vice President of operations COO of this very large company. He has been helping us with our situation but there process are terrible. Since he not licensed in Georgia he can only be able to help so much before we run into another issue. We have video and pictures. Have you ever heard of a company that makes their tenants meet the pest inspector and a representative doesn’t even show to the property? I know If it was my company I would want to meet the pest inspector not the new tenets to asses the situation. In addition, there was no refrigerator in the kitchen when we received the key.