Fireplace in a condo rental

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We are preparing a nice condo for rental.  It has a brick fireplace in the living room.  It's quite attractive, but probably not used much because of the mess involved.  It was built in 1981, and we're only the second owner.    We're concerned with the tenant burning down the building if they don't use it properly.

We were also advised by the inspector before the sale to get the chimney inspected and install a glass front on the fireplace (currently it's just the mesh screen.)  We were going to put in an electric insert to keep a tenant from actually burning a fire in it, but after checking with two retailers, it seems that no one makes an electric insert that will fit.

Any ideas on how to handle the fireplace with a new tenant?  Ask them not to use it, advise them not to use it, charge an additional deposit for using it, somehow disable it, or get it inspected, install the glass front, and hope for the best???

This is also our first rental unit!

Thanks for your help!


@William Larson Make sure your insurance policy covers your complete annual rental loss. This way in case your tenant burns the place down, you are covered during the construction period. Also, purchase full replacement insurance. I would also include instructions on how to properly warm the flue and create a proper fire. Hope this helps, best of luck.