Rent Payments Online

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@Mark Davidson   There's quite a few BP users, including myself, that use Cozy.  It's free and automated, so once you and the tenant set it up initially, you don't have to touch it again.  It just automatically transfers the money to you each and every month after that.  I've been using the service for a few years and am happy with it.

If you use Cozy what do you use for accounting?

With QuickBooks Online you have free ACH as a Landlord.

If you use QBO, you can apply for a merchant account and accept online payment. You can email invoice that has the link to pay online or auto-draft customer's bank (free) or credit card (3%-4% fee). Both can be set up to automatically send the invoice or charge the account at a certain day of the month for an X number of times or by a certain date. Clearing period is around 3-5 days. 

@Kyle J. : Cozy sounds like the type of online payment platform that I am looking for. Are you able to track down expenses for accounting purposes?

Do you find that it attracts payment compliance and demonstrate professionalism toward your business?