Hey Bigger Pockets Forum,

I'm currently in the process of purchasing a 4/2 single-family home that has 2/1 with kitchen upstairs and a 2/1 with kitchen downstairs with a separate entrance (the ADU). I'm wondering what the process is to separate utilities and get a separate mailing address for it - is this even possible?

After reading around the forums, it seems like there's a mixture of landlords charging utilities in the rents and landlords trying to sub-meter but my agent said that getting sub-meters installed will be too expensive so I think that's out of the question.  Are there any other solutions?  My plan is to treat the property as a duplex with two separate tenants.

With that said, I'd really like to have two mailing addresses (like 101A & 101B or something) so tenants don't have to interact with each other unless they want to.  Who do I contact to set this up? USPS?

This is my first residential property ever so I'm nervous but excited!

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



Property is in Oregon City, OR.