Recourse against unethical PM?

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I have been dealing with a nightmare situation with a property manager. While I don't think she did anything illegal, there is no question that she has engaged in a lot of very unethical behavior. I plan to leave honest, straight forward reviews on Yelp and all other sites I can find, but I wonder what else I can do? I honestly think people need to be warned about this woman.

File a complaint with the state board of realtors. Contact local and national associations of property managers and ask if they have a complaint process. 

I agree with @Peter M. Look at the REALTOR code of ethics and see if your agent has violated any of those codes. Then file a complaint with the state board or commission. They should have forms available and they can help you navigate the complaint. Be sure to have documentation or other evidence to back your claim as that will help the board make a determination.