Apartment building redesign needed - Anyone have/know this skill?

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I have quite a few multifamily buildings in Houston Texas.  I also know several people with multifamily properties.   Anyway, the submarket most of my properties are in is a hip/trendy area.  As such, many people are buying these buildings, redoing the exteriors (trendy paint colors, new signage, putting on those big street numbers that seem to be all the rage, modern landscapping, maybe replacing some siding to give it an updated more modern look).

Okay, so my question:  A buddy of mine asked me if I knew anyone that did this type of work.  As in the design work.  My first reply was "Uh, have you seen my buildings?  Does it look like I know anyone that does that stuff?".     Anyway, I know he really wants this work done.  And I know many on BP are looking to get into this market and I assume at least SOME have a more artistic side.

So if you've done something like this, let me know.  

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have any examples or pics?

 What do you mean?  Pics of what he's looking for?  No.  But he's hoping to find someone that's done this before that would have their own job portfolio to review. 

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Hey Cod, 

I'm guessing you're talking about Heights/Montrose area (maybe not). Is your buddy looking for someone to take over the project or just the design part?

Sort of.  Some are in hights, some are in Spring Branch.  He's owned them forever.  Just wants to spruce them up like so many are doing with class C in the area.