Analyzing a rental property

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Hey, im relatively new to Investing In Rental properties. I’ve been reading RENTAL PROPERTY INVESTING by Bramdon Turner and I can say the book is Soo good and very informative . I’m analytical guy when is comes to investing . I read chapter 5 Analyzing a rental property and recently started web surfing on Zillow and Trulia. I would take a property and calculate mathematical using the THE 50% rule and the 2% rule and making a estimate what the cash flow would be . I was wondering if someone out there knows what I’m talkings about and guide me in the right direction and let me kno if I’m doing the right analysis . I would like to take a random property on Zillow make a mathematical analysis and someone let me kno if the analysis is right as far as the yearly cash flow and also if the property is a good buy or not

You would be better off using the BiggerPockets rental calculator and use actual numbers rather than the 50% rule or the 2% rule which are just guidelines or rules of thumb for quick analysis.