Alarm system for Rental?

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Hello! I'm currently renovating my first rental, which I will be air bnb'ing. I'd like to install a home security/alarm system, and was wondering if anyone had any advice on it would work with tenant arming and disarming the alarm, and what's the most efficient dummy-proof way to handle this. Any tips/suggestions?

In an Air BnB you will probably get a ton of false alarms because the guests will never get used to it like a long term tenant would.  The only way might be if you controlled it and only armed it when nobody was supposed to be there.

@Danny Farrell I had a contractor install a Simplisafe system and I really liked it.

It uses cellular so no landline or internet needed. It was all wireless and uses self adhesive back to mount.

I think you can order a basic system for around $300.00

It’s definitely nice to have when the place is vacant between tenants etc. As to whether tenants want it / use it / will pay extra for it / won’t cause lots of false alarms I think is a crapshoot, some appreciate and use stuff like that some won’t.