Glue down vinyl VS click/lock vinyl plank (in section 8 rental)?

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What have you done?

glue down or (peel and stick): 

        PROs:  1. If there were a leak in the house, mop it up. 2. Easier to replace damaged pieces.

        CONs: 1. More difficult to put down. 2. Harder to replace the whole floor years later.

click and lock:

      PROS  1. Easier to put down.  2. Typically, more durable.

      CONS: 1. More expensive. 2. Have to take the floor up to replace a damaged piece.  3. If there was a water leak, would have to take it all up to dry it out. 

THANKS for you input!


@Jonathan Cronkite My go to flooring is the vinyl strip floating floor that looks like hardwood floor. It has glue strips on the edge that lock the pieces together. It is easy to install.

I have bought mine at Surplus Warehouse. They have several colors that they stock.

I have this in multiple properties and have not had any of it damaged (so far).

I think it would be fairly easy to replace damaged pieces it hat ever happened.

Since it is vinyl water won't hurt it unlike cheap laminate.