My first renta in Albany NY! Property Manager needed

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Hey guys! So I bought my first rental (3 family) in Albany NY and I am looking for recommendations for a RELIABLE property manager. I currently libe in Brooklyn NY so me doing it myself is out the question I’ve had the property for 1 month and the person I had hired so far hasn’t been the greatest. From tryin g to reach his “team” to no available, to “hey we cleaned up, took photos and listed a apartment which led me to pop in on the property to see NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. same junk that was left is still there.... Anyone have any good they can recommend?

@Anthony Lynch , who did you end up with?  Any recommendations you could pass on to me?  I have tried calling a few property managers in the area and I am not getting a good feeling that honest reliable property management is in this area.

@Kristofor Rahmas

After going through 3 property managers I ended up handling things myself alongside my fiancé and handyman. I couldn’t deal with the false promises and paying individuals to do nothing. Literally went through the gauntlet:

Property manager 1: signed on but didn’t do anything but almost get me into legal trouble by not giving notices concerning rent increases. Also false promises work to be done only to give me false deadlines.

property manager 2: Over promised and undelivered. Stated that he had people for everything but they were all busy ironically when things I wanted done to be done (basic maintenance, fixing leaks etc)

property manager 3: the best of the worst. He tried but I felt I wasn’t a priority. Stopped picking up the phone and teanants could find when needed. Wasn’t personable (showed when people wouldn’t even come to apartment showings, which showed I had great turnouts when I handled it). His only solutions were always “lower the rent” and like the others couldn’t do / find people to do work.

We (fiancé, handy and I) actually handle our neighbors building now after they saw all the work and care being handled by us lol. Sorry I couldn’t be more help on that one. If you need any help r advice feel free to contact me! Im always up to connect with good people.

- Ant