How do I track cash flow in Quickbooks?

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Hi all,

I am having trouble figuring out which report in Quickbooks I can run that will tell me what by cash flow is for each property. Profit and Loss by Class lists my revenues and expenses but of course does NOT include principal payments and capital expenditures. I want a report that will tell me what I was actually able to put in my pocket from each property -- revenues less ALL expenses including principal and CapEx. I know I can do this by hand but I have to be missing something. BTW each property is set up as its own Class. Thank you!


custom report or do it outside Qb. You may have to have QB help you set the report up, because nothing straight out of the box will have it for you. 

hmmmm  I have never printed the QB Cash Flow report by class.  We don't use classes. Each property is a customer for us. So we do a P & L by customer(house) for our taxes. We invoice each customer(house) monthly for the rent(QB automatically generates 100+ invoices). pay expenses for each customer. ETC.  We use classes in a retail business we run but that is for personal analysis of revenue for Sales, shop work, parts sales.  It seems that using a separate class for each property is overkill because you already have an easy numeric break because of the property address. Whatever works for you. 

I’m not clear why you would want this report that you’ve described anyway since it’s not actually cash flow. 

I’d suggest a transaction detail report on your bank accounts, filtered for Deposits only. Might get you what you want.