Any good sources for month to month lease agreements?

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I'm looking for a solid month to month lease agreement if anyone knows of any online or through BP. I have the year lease agreement but my tenants are moving to month to month now. Thanks!

Cheers BP!

As you know, rental agreements need to comply with the landlord-tenant law for the jurisdiction where the property is located. So it's not one size fits all. That being said, you can glean some great ideas from BP by going to the tab Tools > File Place > Other Documents. There you will find documents shared by BP folks, myself included. I've uploaded our property rules there. If you message me privately, I'd be glad to send you our core MTM rental agreement. Keep in mind, anything you use must be modified for your particular location and situation. We prefer MTM agreements over long-term leases. Our longest term tenant is still renting the same apartment she moved into in June of 1988, 30 years ago!