Removing a fence, is this accetable?

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Our property has an old chain link fence surrounding it, including fully enclosing the front yard. 

We have someone scheduled to come on Friday to remove most of it.  We are maintaining a portion adjacent to a home that has pets and need to keep the fence intact.

The contractor is cutting the posts at ground level and has instructed us to put topsoil over the what remains of the posts.  

Is this a reasonable way to remove the fence?  It us over grown with plants, in one area the fence is completely encased in a tree.

Leaving them at ground level is asking for a lawsuit. Someone will trip over them and get hurt or worse, fall and land on one end and get very injured. Have them dig down at least 6" and if possible, cap them below grade.

Me , I would bring my tractor with a loader , wrap a chain around the pole and pull them out faster than you could cut them .

DO NOT let them cut them at ground level , the cut makes very sharp edges , someone in bare feet would get cut bad .